Sunday, February 27, 2011

writing for the joie de vivre

Now that the art for the Joie de Vivre tarot is complete, scanned, designed, and sent to my publisher, it's time to write the Little White Booklet (LWB.)  Writing is a creative energy in which I love to partake, but it's an altogether different energy from that of the visual art, or the musical creation. 

Bringing forth little stories for 78 cards isn't necessarily as fun as a barrel of monkeys, but I'm greatly learning from the process. Having just completed writing the suit of coins (aka pentacles,) I'm reminded that the materialistic-structure of the characters and earthy energy of this suit enhances an understanding of the necessary balance between material and spiritual manifestations. Writing stories for the sword cards shines light on their heart-wrenching journey, yet also exposes their healing flame of revelation.  The firey, passionate energy of the wands has the potential of unleashing the lionheart within. 

Writing, writing, writing, and feeling happy about this project. Should be completed the writing part within the week. THEN it shall be done!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

finishing the joie de vivre

The art for the Joie de Vivre, as of today, is officially complete.

 I know, I know. I should be tossing flower petals and dancing around, as I so often apparently do. Believe me, the flower petals and dancing are on the horizon. But my initial reaction to completing a long and tedious nearly two-year project left me in a state of mental exhaustion.

Throughout the past year, I attempted to delve into other involved art projects alongside Joie de Vivre. But it seemed that the only thing I could focus on creatively outside of Joie de Vivre was to compose music. You see, once I felt 'possessed' by the stream of tarot-deck-creating consciousness, there really was no escape until completion. For some reason -- and it may be due to an alternate creative expression -- the writing of songs was the only way in which I could refocus and 'see' clearly again.

The Joie de Vivre tarot: we're talking 78-deck images from scratch, immediately after the creation of my Paulina Tarot. However, this was something I positively needed to do; it was a chapter in my life I needed to experience, to journey through, and to put out into the world. Finishing this, to me, is akin to being released from an iron ball and chain. But what a worthwhile and exciting journey it's been.

I'm not out of the woods yet though, as I still have the little booklet text to complete. But now that the art is done, and now that I have the card files ready to send off to my publishers, they can begin production work, which then turns into months-and-months worth of proof work, printing work and distribution. But I'll keep you posted on a release date.

The next couple of days will be dedicated to finally updating the JDV website with all the new cards. Thank you to everyone who traveled the Joie de Vivre path with me for the past two years.  I put the Joie de Vivre out into the world, with love.

Monday, January 31, 2011

vive le online canadian pharmacies

Okay. Let me begin this blog by saying that I do *not* like taking medication. Nadda at all. I avoid it with a vengenace, instead seeking natural approaches which, for me, work... all with the exception of my allergies and asthma, which have been with me in various degrees since childhood. At this time, prescription meds are all that works for me when it comes to the allergy/asthma issue, so I've no choice but to take Xyzal, Singulair, and an inhaler several times a week when needed, which really hasn't been a problem, except for the extreme cost of prescription meds in the US.  (Thanks, US government.)

A 30-day prescription of Xyzal costs around $130, and even the newly-released generic form is almost as costly.  In fact, when the recently released generic version of Xyxal became available in the US, the cost of Xyzal suddenly went up, and the cost of the generic version is now the cost of what Xyzal used to be. And Singulair (for asthma) is even more costly. Insurance does cover some, but only a tidbit. With the two meds combined with an inhaler, I could easily spend $300 a MONTH on necessary allergy medications. I know I'm not alone in this, as there are many, many others out these in need of specific medications, and I feel for those of you who have to pay a great deal out-of-pocket (even with insurance) for something you cannot prevent at this time in your life.

However, are you aware that you can get prescription medications through legitimate pharmacies in Canada for a very small fraction of what it costs to get them here? Take, for example. I bought 100 tabs of generic Xyzal (that's more than 3 months worth) for $30 US. 100 tabs of generic Xyzal in the US would cost -- even with our good insurance -- well over $300. That's pretty darn big savings.

So... just sayin'.  Of course, you will need to fax or email your prescription to the online Canadian drug stores, and make sure you do find one that's legit, like the one I mentioned above. Stop paying ridiculous amounts for a prescription med you need, and get your meds from Canada or bust!  ;-)

In the meantime, I'm continually striving toward self-healing my allergies so that, in time, I'll never have to take the meds again. I know that having two cats isn't helping my situation (I'm very allergic to animal dander) but my furbabies are with us forever; I couldn't ever live without them. So, whilst transforming my energetic pattern and re-establishing a frequency within my body that makes it so that I can eventually can the meds for good, this is how I'm getting over the hurdle of the cost of meds. Vive le online Canadian pharmacies!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

just breathe

Breathing is good. It's, um, sort of a necessity.

Yet, the asthma has, as in the past, become a serious issue for me these days.

Breathe... in, out.

In, out.....

Just... need... air.

Darn asthma. It will, however, be remedied in time. This I know.

Breathing in life.



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

curiosity leads to profound discoveries

Ever since I can remember, I've been fascinated with the other side. From shadows in the hallway, to figures standing over my bed, to hearing my name being called by disembodied voices, one question would always lead to ten more. I've had some fantastic experiences throughout my life in the name of spirits, but recently, my mind was officially blown.

Last weekend, I flew into San Antonio, Texas, to meet with friends Michelle Brown and Andy Coppock, who were conducting a paranormal gathering. Andy, a quantum physicist, has been developing an ITC device (Instrumental Transcommunication) that allows us to speak with those who have crossed over. The machine uses electromagnetic energy, and was born from ideas that sprouted forth from a ghost hunt. To add to the magic of this, a variant of Andy's device is being tested and used as a means of communication for autistic children, and possible treatments for Epilepsy and Parkinson's.

The ITC device Andy created, in which he calls the 'probe', is a real-time two-way machine of communication with those in parallel/alternate dimensions. And when I say real-time two-way communication, it means actual back-and-forth conversations with ghosts by which everyone in the room can hear and take part in. Kind of like talking on a telephone, except that the ghost (from what I could tell) is present with us in the very same space -- sitting right there with us on the sofa, so to speak.

The first ghostly voice I heard through this device was that of Don, a young ghost who's been very helpful toward Andy and Michelle whenever they use the device.

"Who's there?" asked Michelle. When a ghost/spirit approaches the probe, it begins to buzz. The ghost/spirit can proceed to talk into the device, for all to hear.
"Hi," greeted a ghost.
(This was about the time when my jaw hit the floor.)
"Who are we speaking to?" asked Michelle.
'It's Don. Hi."
It was a whispery, male voice, as clear as a bell. Right there in front of us. Talking. Listening. Answering. A real, live ghost, speaking to us exactly the way he would have when he was still in our dimension.

All through the night, and into the hours of the peaceful morning, ghosts would come, and ghosts would go. Males, females, adults, children. Those from the victorian-era, those from the 1950s, those from the 1990s -- so many beautiful ghosts paid us a visit, spoke with us, and touched our hearts. The more I witnessed, the more intrigued I became. The more the spirits said, the more questions I had, and the more amazement I felt.

One of the most beautiful mysteries which has come from this, and that will always remain with me, is a common thread most of these ghosts touched upon. They would inform us that "it's beautiful here." They would inform us that "time is different here." And their very presence, in the here and now, would remind our hearts and spirits that life is filled with magic and beauty. And that curiosity leads to profound discoveries. And that it's possible to go from simply 'believing' to 'utterly knowing' within a moment's time.

I've been reawakened and re-energized. Thank you, Michelle and Andy. I'm reminded that anything is possible, and that love is the strongest force in the Universe. Let's continue down the rabbit hole, shall we?

If you'd like to know more about Andy and Michelle, I highly recommend bookmarking their website:

Monday, July 19, 2010

spirit orbs

Orbs are spherical ‘lights’, or balls of energy. They may not always be visible to the naked eye, but they commonly show up in photos or film. However, orbs sometimes tend to be visible to the naked eye. Varying in size, they often appear in shades of white, and on occasion they may take on various colours. When we see these spheres, we’re seeing the plasma they’re creating, which is the fourth state of matter -- an ionized gas. These plasma orbs can be created scientifically. However, when orbs are displaying individual behavior, reacting intentionally in reference to the observers movements and thoughts, it’s apparent that these luminosities are conscious energies.

These spherical, glowing lights of were at one time such a phenomena that they were given their own names. They were called ‘corpse candles’ in Wales, and in 19th century England they were referred to as ‘Will-o-the-Whisps’ or ‘Jack-0-Lanterns.’ But why are they always in the shape of a sphere? Energy existing in a spherical form is the easiest form in which to move about.

In today’s growing world of paranormal investigating, it seems that orbs in particular have been deemed-in-stone as nothing more than lens flares, rain particles, or dust particles. In other words, these whitish anomalies showing up in photos are the laughing-stock of the paranormal-speaking world in the media. Alas, personal experience speaks much louder than words. Experience opens the eyes to realities much more clearly and powerfully than trendy proclamations. It's true that skepticism is healthy; we learn from questioning. In the same sense, we do not learn from continually discarding something without further, deeper consideration. How might anyone be so certain there isn’t something more to these floating spheres of light, which are sometimes visible to the naked eye? In this mysterious world of energy, no one can truly know what they are, or what they are not. Though it frustrates me to see seemingly open minds dismissing something which may very well offer relevance to the world beyond, I continue my lifelong quest in understanding these mysterious spheres of lights. These energy forms may not all be human or animal spirits, though I'm certain a good number of them are. Several may also be faeries, angels, or perhaps even aliens. It's possible....

When living in Louisiana, I discovered a single ball of white light which would hover over the center of the diningroom table. It wasn’t visible to my naked eye, but it would show up when looking through the lens of a digital camera. Once a photo had been snapped, the ball of light would float up to the corner of the room, as if hiding from sight. It would soon be completely out of sight and nowhere to be found all day. Curiouser and curiouser, I got up at 2 am the next morning, sneaking back into the diningroom to shoot a few quick pictures of the table. There it was again -- the orb, floating above the center of the table. It reacted the same way it has the day before, hiding in the top corner of the room. Able to see it in my camera’s lens, I followed it into the livingroom. It acted shy, attempting to escape me, so I left it alone by retiring to my art studio to work on some sketches. Sensing a presence a little while after, I shot a picture of the doorway. There it was again – an orb hovering a foot above the floor, watching me.

I’ve noticed that it’s common for these bright spheres of light to be present during celebrational events where there's laughter and joy to be shared. As well, they love to bask in the beauty of music. Try playing an instrument in a forest and take a sequence of photos with your digital camera (at least 50!) and see who or what shows up. I've also noticed that it’s common for the spirit orbs to be hanging around the vicinity of the shoulders, heart, and head. I believe they're connecting energetically with the person or animal by hovering in this area.

Spirit lights are constantly attempting to communicate with us in a positive manner, yet too many people are closed to the subtle messages they have to offer. Try quieting your mind and connecting with the arrays of energies which feel right to you, for you may be delightfully surprised at what, and whom, there is to find.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

feng shui'ing the website

I usually redesign my website every two years. Two years seems to give me enough time to forget how long the previous update had actually taken, which is usually (what feels like) about 2 million light-years. So, here I go again!

After weeks of bit-by-bit website work, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel... again!  It's mainly been all of the print emporium rooms taking up all my HTML time. I'm diggin' the new look -- it has the Feng Shui I was seeking. Easier navigation, too. As a matter of fact, I like it so much that I'll probably be happy with it for longer than two years, which is a good thing; less website work always means painting productivity.  And hecka.... do I need to paint.